Standard Service

1. Clean driveway of debris.
2. Prime oil or chemical stains as needed. Primed areas will dry slightly darker.
3. Pre-fill isolated cracks ¼” wide or greater with a liquid crack filler. We do not treat narrow cracks or spider web cracks.
4. Hand-apply the asphalt sealer using squeegees.
5. Barricade the entrance to your driveway with a
yellow banner.

We will remove all dirt and debris from the asphalt using power blowers, scrapers, and wire brush brooms.

• We then treat all fresh oil or chemical stains with petro-seal primer. The primer helps prevent oil or chemical stains from bleeding up through the freshly applied asphalt sealer. Primes areas will dry darker.

• Larger (1/4" wide or greater) isolated cracks will receive a pourable liquid crack filler. The crack filler aids in preventing water from seeping through the cracks. The crack filler will not make the cracks disappear, nor will deep cracks be flush with surrounding asphalt. As the crack filler cures, enjporation takes place & the material constricts down into the cracks forming a water-tight barrier. We do not treat surface cracks or "spider web" cracks.

• After properly preparing the asphalt, our experienced crews will hand-apply a coal-tar emulsion asphalt sealer.

• We will barricade the entrance to your driveway with a 6" wide banner.

Guidelines for day of sealing service